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We're Signing Up 100 New NUCA Members On May 12!

Be A Part of NUCA's First National Signing Day Thursday, May 12, 2022

NUCA members know the outstanding value a NUCA membership provides, and how the many benefits, services, and cost savings of membership more than equal their membership dues investment. In our industry, it's now considered a poor business decision NOT to be a member of NUCA. And, it's why our members are our best advocates!

On Thursday, May 12, 2022, NUCA's first National Signing Day will seek to connect an additional 100 industry companies with the value that membership in our industry's premier trade association provides.

Our goal of signing 100 new NUCA members on one day will only be reached with the help of each NUCA member and our 35 State and Regional Chapters. Be a NUCA Champion - start thinking now about who in your business circles would benefit from a NUCA membership. Wouldn't it be terrific if May 12, 2022 was the date they joined NUCA, thanks to you?

New NUCA Member Benefits Brochures are now available to help you make it happen. Order your glossy printed copies today!

You can participate individually or as a part of your chapter's National Signing Day effort. Stay tuned to this webpage for more about this exciting event in the weeks ahead.


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