Aside from protecting your smile, dental care ensures good oral and overall health.

Dentist Chair


Dental coverage is similar to regular medical insurance and is one of the voluntary benefit options offered through NUCA Advantage. When you have dental insurance, you pay a premium and then your insurance will cover part or all of the cost for many dental services.

Like medical insurance, dental coverage is offered in several types of plans:

  • Dental health maintenance organization (DHMO)–Coverage is only provided when you visit dentists who are in-network with the insurance plan.

  • Dental preferred provider organization (DPPO)–Coverage is provided with in- or out-of-network dental care providers, but you will typically pay less with an in-network dentist.

  • Dental indemnity plan–Coverage is provided for any dentist you choose, with no difference in cost.

  • Discount dental plan–This type of plan is a common option for reducing dental costs without regular insurance coverage; with this plan, you pay for all your dental care at an agreed-upon discounted rate.