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Learn About Our Group 401(K)

Schedule time with Christopher Price, CFP®, RICP®, ChFC®, Director of the NUCA Advantage 401(k) program to explore how the NUCA Advantage 401(k) program can work for your business. 

NUCA Advantage 401(k) program: There’s power in partnership

By joining the NUCA Advantage 401(k) program with Lincoln, you get:

  • Individual attention.

  • Access to potential pricing and service efficiencies—economies of scale—that you may not have by sponsoring a plan on your own.

  • The power of a group plan with the flexibility to customize your own plan design—retaining a design that’s working for you or changing to one that will. No need to forfeit your business’s distinct needs.

A new business perspective on 401(k)s


Advantages of joining a Multiple Employer Aggregation program

A plan that makes sense for you and your employees, vetted by NUCA Advantage and other

businesses like yours, all at a competitive group cost for each business that joins.

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